today is the day that we ‘spring forward’, shifting the clock an hour ahead, increasing the amount of daylight that we have after work! (yipee). This year, the shift also happened to coincide with a very special Hindu holy day -Maha Shivaratri- which is taking place last night and today, all around the world. This festival honors Lord Shiva and his cosmic creation dance in the universe that both destroys and births all things. 

for so many reasons, i feel awash with abundance right now. beautiful people coming to my side to act as sounding boards (jane & adam), to slap me around a bit, to shock me (eric), to love me (vin&mac, classmates), to deeply inspire me (lynne twist), ALL to help me make sense of my current state of being. so lucky.

so grateful to have this beautiful home in carmel and the ability to feel so peacefully comfortable here. to have a sweethearted lil doggie! 



I asked for str…

I asked for strength
and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom
and God gave me problems to learn to solve.
I asked for prosperity
and God gave me a brain and brawn to work.
I asked for courage
and God gave me dangers to overcome.
I asked for love
and God gave me people to help.
I asked for favours
and God gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan